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Bomani Jones breaks down the results of the Conference Semifinals, including where he was wrong about Luka Dončić of the Mavericks, and what their victory over the Suns in the West says about star Chris Paul (0:55). Plus, the toughness shown by the Celtics against the Bucks in the East, and why the Sixers not making it to the Conference Finals over the Heat spells bad news for the partnership between Joel Embiid and James Harden (11:28). An IYHH sheds light on the national baby formula shortage (18:51), and Bomani hears your voicemails from that time your mom came to school and had to "check" the teacher (30:51)!

IYHH Stories

  1. @DLeonhardt breaks down the baby formula crisis:
  2. @tarantulaarms shares Vegas mob lore floats to the surface along with bodies at Lake Mead:
  3. @ayewolfe says state of Mississippi files lawsuit to recoup $24 million in welfare funds from Brett Favre:

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