Better Mental Health in the Film Industry

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Enter the minds of industry creatives and find out about the mental health crisis damaging the Film and TV industry. On this episode we meet Matt Longley founder of 6Ft from the Spotlight. - a charity responding to the higher rates of mental health illness and suicide within the industry We breakdown the factors that contribute to stress and illness on location Join us as we drill down into the practicalities of film industry specific solutions that could increase well-being, creativity and productivity 6Ft from the Spotlight provides mental health training to up-skill crew members within the industry If you would like to get access to training or to donate visit or follow@6ftFromTheSpotl support by buying merch at The Roadie Medic is sponsored by Providers of First Aid & Pre-Hospital equipment Subscribing listeners can save by entering "ROADIEMEDIC" at checkout for a 10% Discount on purchases.

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