Life at NHS Nightingale - Inside London’s Pandemic Field Hospital

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Life at NHS Nightingale- a look at the lives of fellow volunteers & friends from the pandemic field hospital that is and was NHS Nightingale London Music from The Moods - a Mancunian collective putting out music with a relevance and conscience - new album releasing soon Their music features in the soundtrack to the british dark comedy " Strangeways Here We Come" (2018) Also I came across New York Brass Band at Glastonbury last year. They have to be seen ! Music from their tribute to Diana Ross recorded in lockdown. New York Brass Band are providing a Street Party music delivery service on Glastonbury weekend 26-28 June 2020 ; check out their facebook The Roadie Medic Podcast is about the people that make up the life of live events. Join us as we tour through the merging scenes and landscapes of live music, festivals, pre-hospital care, public health and frontiers beyond Like , Share and Subscribe if you're here for the ride

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