Meet The #FirstBatch - Saudia Arabia’s Female Frontline Paramedics

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On this episode we meet " The #FirstBatch " - Areej Almetairi , Sara Alwael and Rana Najmaldueen. - the first female paramedics to graduate from King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudia Arabia discuss gender and the largest mass gathering on Earth – the Hajj We discuss : - their paths to pre-hospital careers - the delivery of care during the Hajj - the future for women in Saudia Arabia's emergency services #FIRSTBATCH Music from Goldray - How Do You Know : from the forthcoming album ‘Feel The Change’ out on 31st of July 2020 On Spotify : The Roadie Medic is sponsored by Providers of First Aid & Pre-Hospital equipment Subscribing listeners can save by entering "ROADIEMEDIC" at checkout for a 10% Discount on purchases.

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