428. Fri-Date: 4 Lessons from Esther Hicks to Transform Your Life

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We recently saw a quote by Dr. Mark Hyman that really inspired us… “Our thoughts have a profound physiological effect on the body and can either help or hinder the healing process. Even just thinking about a negative experience can set off a cascade of physiological events in the body just as if it was happening right now – the mind-body connection is truly that powerful.”

When it comes to changing our thoughts, nobody – in our opinion – is better than Esther Hicks. In this episode, we share four pieces of advice from Esther on how to change your thought patterns to be more resilient and attract more abundance.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [02:24] The effect our thoughts have on our bodies
  • [05:09] Looking at what you want like it’s a menu
  • [10:24] Admitting what you want without complicating it
  • [14:50] How meditation can reduce resistance
  • [18:51] How your emotional state impacts chances for cancer
  • [24:08] What happens when you stop tending to your beliefs


To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: workhardplayhardpodcast.com

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