430. Fri-Date: Our Best Decisions & Thoughts on Travel

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It’s happening, people! The world is starting to open up once again. One by one, countries are lifting their travel restrictions. People are just itching to get out there and see the world. It’s got us thinking about the idea of travel and all of its experiential riches. You see, we are pretty well experienced in the travel game, but the way we handle it is a little different from how we’ve seen others do it. When we ran Jet Set Life, we wanted to get the most out of our money without being on a tight budget. Using our own experiences as the template and research material, we thought we’d share some strategies for getting the most out of your own upcoming travel. Enjoy.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [04:16] Travel strategies when you don’t think you can afford it
  • [06:46] Budgeting for longer vacations
  • [12:01] Getting crafty about longer stays
  • [16:42] Managing different interests
  • [21:46] Taking your time
  • [23:58] Going outside your comfort zone


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