431. How Valentine Thomas Went From Panic Attacks to Spearfishing 170 Feet Underwater

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What if I told you that the key to overcoming your biggest fear is just a breath away? Wild, I know. But look, if Valentine Thomas can go from having a near-death experience in the water and suffering from panic attacks that made leaving her house terrifying to spearfishing at an expert level – 170 feet underwater – well, I’d say that’s a pretty good pitch. We talk about when she first jumped into her deep sea interests, how she came to find comfort in discomfort, and the transformative power of breath.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [03:16] Overcoming anxiety and trauma
  • [08:26] How spearfishing changed Valentine’s life
  • [16:49] The key to staying calm underwater
  • [22:50] Removing the ego
  • [25:03] Valentine’s appearance on Joe Rogan and MMA training
  • [29:09] The importance of getting your breath right
  • [35:40] Rapid-fire questions


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