441. Learn to Speak the Language of Love with Sex & Relationship Expert Dr. Laura Berman

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Let’s talk about sex, baby. Dr. Laura Berman is a leading expert in the field of sex and relationship therapy and a New York Times bestselling author of many books, including her latest. “Quantum Love.” She is also an award-winning radio host and has her own podcast, “The Language of Love.”

We take a look at why sex is such a hot topic in relationships and yet, is so rarely discussed. We also dive into how puritanical beliefs hurt the sex conversation, the importance of fantasy, and how to spice up your relationship.

In This Conversation We Cover:

  • [03:31] When Laura realized she wanted to become a sex therapist
  • [08:31] What a sex therapist actually does
  • [12:04] The effect of limitless access to porn on couples
  • [17:09] The difference between male and female fantasy
  • [18:18] Threesomes
  • [20:32] Puritanical beliefs
  • [24:29] Why our sex lives decline later in life and how to “spice it up”
  • [28:24] Managing the dark and light sides of ourselves
  • [30:03] Sex toys
  • [36:34] Talking sex on the Oprah Show
  • [41:12] Rapid-fire questions


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