BUMP SA | Showdown LII Preview | Robbie Gray Port's GOAT? | Will Crows forwards bully Port?

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00.0 – Robbie Gray’s Retirement… Where Does he Sit in port’s Greats?

3.45 – Will the Gray Retirement spark Port for the Showdown?

5.55 – Essendon Turmoil… What domino effect does this have on the league coaching race?

11.55 – Kangaroos were impressive against Crows

13.25 – Will Crows forwards prove a handful for Port?

14.05 – There’s more on this Showdown than a dead rubber

16.25 – Roo’s Last Game

17.15 – Did that game say more about Port or Essendon?

17.55 – Ditts cops a drubbing!

19.10 – Where is Xavier Duursma at?

19.55 – Rowe and McAsey’s Futures

21.40 – SANFL Crows are playing finals

22.55 – Kochie Gone Rouge?

24.25 – Roo, “Keep your eye on a key defender going to Port”

25.25 – AFLW don’t want to be curtain raisers anymore

27.15 – All AFL Presidents have signed off on a Tassy team

28.05 – Lehmo needs parenting advice!?

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