RVE 213: How to Get Internet for RVers (2021 Guide)

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If you want to work on the road, you need RV internet.

Today we are bringing back experts Chris and Cherie of RV Mobile Internet to share the best options and updates on internet for RVers in 2021.

Chris and Cherie are OG full-time digital nomads and have been traveling for nearly 15 years! They both work on the road and knew that this lifestyle couldn't work long-term without solid internet. After years of testing and experience, they've become the gold standard for understanding and finding gear for internet for RVers.

In this episode, Chris and Cherie dive into the major changes internet for RVers has faced in the past few years and how to get internet on the road this year. They cover:

  • How to stay connected for working remotely
  • Creating redundancies so you always(ish) have internet
  • How unlimited data options have changed
  • Who the top 2 carriers are for data (and it's not who we thought!)
  • How throttling works
  • What 5G even is
  • How close Starlink is to nationwide internet access

To see the gear Chris and Cherie mention in this episode, check out our episode shownotes at heathandalyssa.com/internet.

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