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With every other major field in the business world, professionals undergo years of training and education to learn the standard practices, techniques, and skills to make them successful. But with sales, it’s the exact opposite. In today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by Paul Fifield, CEO, and co-founder of Sales Impact Academy, to learn why the education system has overlooked sales (and what we can do to fix it.)

It’s okay to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.

  • Imposter syndrome is common in sales professionals because nobody is told what they should be doing.

  • There is no structured learning or education in sales, which Paul deems “the greatest educational tragedy.”

What if we applied a similar educational journey to finance?

  • To reinforce the point, think about another important B2B profession: finance.

  • What if the way you got into finance was to go get a degree in math and then just walk up and start working?

  • It’s absurd, yet that’s exactly what happens in sales.

The core role of higher education is to equip people with the skills to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

  • The pace of change for sales is too quick for it to be integrated easily into traditional education because traditional universities just can’t keep up with these shifts.

  • The result? Everybody feels like an imposter, and nobody follows the best practices. And the wheel is being reinvented each and every day.

Some quick facts:

  • A search on LinkedIn reveals 60 million people are in sales.

  • There’s not even one book on revenue operations, yet over three million people hold revenue operations titles on LinkedIn.

  • The GDP of B2B companies is roughly 43 trillion dollars, and that staggering amount of money is resting on the sales staffed by people who’ve never been educated on their positions.

How can we make an impact and these changes to teach sales principles?

  • Educate yourself. Learn the sales standards and educate around those standards.

  • That’s the platform Paul’s company solves by teaching these standards and best practices.

Paul’s major takeaway? Get a subscription for the sales academy (yes, it’s a shameless plug. But it really will help!) To connect with Paul, connect with him on LinkedIn or reach out to him at paul@thesalesimpact.io or +44 075-988-3543. Visit The Sales Impact Academy to find courses and learnings that will help you in your sales career.

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