007 | Arielle Ford: Happily EVEN After.

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Because no relationship is perfect! Relationship expert Arielle Ford, author of Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate, shares her best (and most realistic) tips for living happily EVEN after with your significant other. Here’s what you’ll learn: - Why Arielle found herself 43 and still single, and what she did to attract her soulmate … in just 6 months! - The fairy tale myth: Why relationships feel so perfect at the beginning … and what to do when reality sets in.?? - Why your partner seems to always know how to push your buttons. ??- How to get a man to leave the toilet seat down … and never have to ask again!?? - How evolving gender roles are changing relationships, but not as much as you think. ??- Are you and your partner speaking the same language? Find out how to find each other’s Love Languages, and how to be better givers and receivers of love.?? - Being right versus being happy: Would you rather be right or loved??? - How to add a little “wabi sabi” to your partner’s minor imperfections before they build up and destroy your relationship. - A scientifically proven way to inject more intimacy and vulnerability into your relationship … one question at a time.?? - Why rewriting your “origin story” can almost guarantee that your relationship will last!?? Learn more about Arielle at www.arielleford.com.? Get the first chapter of Turn Your Mate into Your Soul Mate FREE at www.soulmatesecret.com. Hosted by Sean Croxton of www.seancroxton.com

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