009 | Nicole Lapin: My Father's Daughter

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Financial expert and author, Nicole Lapin, opens up and reveals her story in a way she never has before. Find out how her father’s influence and chaotic upbringing instilled her with the mindset and work ethic to become the youngest anchor ever hired by CNN at age 21, the author of a bestselling book at 31, and CEO of her own production company. ?? Topics include: * The incredible story of Dr. Ron Lapin. How Nicole’s father changed medicine and saved thousands of lives.? * Why Nicole “hated” reporters before eventually becoming one. * The #1 key to standing out in today’s competitive job market.? * How to stop “smiling and nodding” when it comes to your finances. * The one question you MUST answer to get your budget and finances in order.?? Nicole’s bestselling book, Rich Bitch, is now available in paperback on Amazon and your local book retailers. Get it! Learn more about Nicole at www.nicolelapin.com Hosted by Sean Croxton

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