010 | Bob Proctor & Melissa Ambrosini: How to Silence Your Inner Critic

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Is your inner critic turned up full-blast, telling you what you can’t do and why you can’t do it? Melissa Ambrosini, author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, reveals how you can press the mute button on your inner critic and stay on your path to following your passions and purpose in life. Topics include: * Your greatest power: how your ability to CHOOSE is the key to mastering your inner critic. * The perils of suppressing your emotions … and how to give yourself permission to feel. * A simple, easy practice that will shift your attitude and boost your results in everything you do. (You'll be "thankful" you learned it!) * How to deal with criticism, and why you never want to listen to the people “in the stands”. PLUS, our good friend Bob Proctor stops by to share a life-shifting tip for truly understanding and internalizing the information you read and study. Learn more about Bob’s Classics live video stream at www.bobproctorclassics.com. Find out more about Melissa’s new book at www.masteringyourmeangirl.com. Hosted by Sean Croxton

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