019 | Aaron Anastasi: The Voice of Your Dreams

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Aaron Anastasi, author of The Voice of Your Dreams, shares his best tips for turning down the volume on the inner voice of limitation and turning up the voice of success. Here’s what you’ll learn: * Being vs. Doing. Why changing your way of being is the missing link in getting the results you’ve been wanting. * Why it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. How to write a new story by shifting your focus and creating more empowering memories of the past. * The Truth About You. How a short list of encouraging quotes can lead to big wins in high-pressure situations. * Why perfection is the lowest standard you can EVER set for yourself. * The power of finding your own unique voice … because no one can ever do it like you. Learn more about Aaron at www.thevoiceofyourdreams.com. Hosted by Sean Croxton of www.seancroxton.com.

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