The Ancestors Were Messy, Vol I

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The Secret Adventures of Black People is an award-winning podcast telling the stories of Black people holding it down across space and time. To listen to past episodes, join the newsletter, or get in touch, visit the

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This episode was hosted and produced by me, Nichole Hill. Music and sound effects by Epidemic Sounds and Free Thank you to this episode’s story editors Lizzie Peabody, Ilana Nevins, Mark Pagan, and Ronald Young, Jr.

To read The Washington Bee for yourself, which I highly recommend, you too can visit the archives of the Library of Congress and get lost. It will be time well spent.

Shout out to the Black Adventurers Precious and Ian - who were the guests for this episode. Check out their show Messy Besties currently on IG Live on Mondays at 7pm. Follow @itsyagirlpresh and @yunguptown.

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