The Antidote to Emptiness

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In this episode Tiffanee and I tackle some of the more significant existential questions in life. And some hilariously trivial ones as well. Regardless of how we interpret our lives and the larger world around us, what is one central responsibility we all share? If we construct our lives through imagination, observation, and endeavor, that makes us all artists relative to our experience of reality. How can we use that artistry to create a blueprint for a life that makes us feel alive, resilient, and fulfilled?

So, join us in this episode as we discuss:

· Mass extinction. Would the world be better without humans?

· Learned helplessness

· Making meaning and do we really know what our beliefs are?

· When do we need to change ourselves vs. our environment?

· The antidote to emptiness

· Midnight in Paris

· The invention of the internet

· Walking around with camels

· Shame, what is it good for?

· Sex, love, and goop on Netflix

· Beliefs, where do they come from?

· Rigid conforming ideologies

· Why do people insist on defiling proper beer?

· What do you do when right and wrong are not clear?

· How do you know when you’re the problem?

· Why all behaviors are influenced by environment

· The 4R’s of transformation

· How many holes are there in a crumpet?

· Clever names for pet goats

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