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Something different this week to finish Series 3! Tamsin speaks to fellow financial planners, Lottie Kent of True Financial Design and Ceri Griffiths of Willowbrook Financial Planning. They discuss why, when and how you might need to work with a divorce specialist financial planner when you're getting divorced.
You can contact Tamsin at tamsin@smartdivorce.co.uk or book a free initial chat at https://calendly.com/tamsin-caine/15min.
Lottie Kent is a Chartered Financial Planner, Divorce Specialist and also the owner of True Financial Design Ltd. True is based in North Yorkshire but Lottie works throughout all of the UK. Lottie’s passion is to help people through the divorce process and provide them with the confidence to make informed decisions about their finances for the future. Alongside being a financial planner and business owner, Lottie is always looking for ways to be the best she can be and encourage others on their journey too.
You can contact Lottie via
Insta, FB, Twitter, LI @LottieTFD

Ceri Griffiths is Founder of Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning, She has been a financial adviser for over 20 years and is both Chartered and Fellow. She gives advice exclusively to women divorcing wealthy and powerful men and her mission is to remove financial vulnerability and disadvantage for these women, but she also stands for much more than this. Her business plan and objectives run along the UN Sustainable development goals, specifically Gender Equality and Quality Education, in recognition of this on International Women’s Day Mo2vate Magazine recognised her as an inspirational woman for 2021, and she is currently a finalist in the nation of women awards, Empowerment category for change makers.
You can contact Ceri via

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