SPI 591: Geeking Out on Funnels and High-Ticket Pricing With Rick Mulready

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#591 How do people go from first discovering our businesses to investing thousands of dollars with us? You might think that's impossible, but today we talk about the funnels that can get you there. Rick Mulready, from The Art of Online Business Podcast, returns to the show and we go deep on creating relationships with your audience. We start at the moment people first come across your content and go all the way to the ultimate level: high-ticket items your superfans would go nuts for! You're likely serving your audience through courses, but what about the students who want to go deeper with you? You need to go beyond the norm and come up with unique experiences they'd love. We geek out on funnels and pricing and come up with exercises you can use to move your business forward at any level. Show notes and more at smartpassiveincome.com/session591.

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