SPI 528: About the New Book I'm Writing

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#528 This might sound weird, but I've learned too much. There are a lot of things I picked up in school and in college, and even as an entrepreneur, that are just superfluous. Why am I talking about this? Because it has everything to do with the new book I'm writing, tentatively called The Lean Learner. I've talked about the book a little bit on social media, in SPI Pro, and with a few people, but I wanted to take time in this episode to go into more depth. The Lean Learner is about how to learn the things that matter to us most and can help us get to the next level, while excluding the things we don't need to learn right now. It's about understanding how to learn what we need to learn so we can get results faster. The Lean Learner is definitely not ready for the world yet—I'm still in the middle of writing it—but I think there's nothing better than working in public and sharing things as they're coming along. I'll share a little bit about the struggles and decision points I've had with this book already, including the decision to go with a traditional publisher or self-publish again. And I'll talk about some of the mentors and influences who have inspired me in my writing, with this book and others. Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session528.

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