Authentic Living - Your wound is wild place

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Our greatest regret in life is most likely going to be that we never made our lives our own: that we lived according to what others expected of us and never walked off into the wild unknown to find what authenticity tasted like.

We have wounds created by contorting our bodies, our lives, and our work into shapes that are not truly our own.

And so we walk, often until our last breath, in lives not big enough, not nourishing enough, not free enough…

And so we come to believe that it is US that is not enough, not the lives we’ve tried to shoehorn ourselves into.

Acts of the untamed

to reclaim our autonomy

are brave and bold

and should only be attempted

by those who are willing

to swim against the current

and face possibly even more resistance

before they break open into the free.

But the more you reclaim those parts of you that were exchanged under domestication, the more this wound will become a salvation, a guidance, a way of living…

Wounds are puzzle pieces longing for your wild to fit into them - and make whole what feels most ruptured.

Because the wound needs what it needs.

The heart needs what it needs.

You need what you need.

Never shed your fur for anyone.



Where have you told yourself, it's ok -

I don’t need what I need - I’ll be ok with a substitute?

Where have you had to give up a fundamental piece of yourself and called it love?

Where have you tried to be good - the good parent, the good partner, the good worker, the good seeker…

Where has ‘being good’ become detrimental to your soul?

what is the shape of your wound? And what does it require of you?

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