Episode 6 - Improve your club finances: Your 101 guide to the Community Amateur Sports Club Scheme

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Hosted by Rob Arnott, Communications and Member Engagement Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance (@RobArnott99).
This week we dive into the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Scheme which allows local amateur sports clubs to register with HMRC and benefit from a range of tax and giving benefits, including Gift Aid.

With the latest Sports Club Survey showing a worrying trend of rising costs and falling income at many clubs we wanted to share more detail about the CASC scheme so clubs can make an informed decision about whether the scheme makes financial sense for them.

We are joined on the pod by our tax advisor, Richard Baldwin MBE who brings 30 years of experience to the table and we also have a chat with Dave Stubley, Club Management & Volunteer Manager at the RFU, about his experience of supporting numerous rugby clubs in their journey to becoming CASC registered. And to help us make sense of it all is our very own Policy Manager, Leigh Thompson.

Below you’ll also find some handy resources and further reading around CASCs:

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