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Many odd things have happened during the pandemic, but in the sports world nothing seems as strange as our nation becoming enthralled with 20 year old Michael Jordan highlights. The collective nation tuned into The Last Dance on ESPN, even knowing exactly how it ends. J.A. Adande, the beloved sportswriter and Director of Sports Journalism at Northwestern University, talks to Jensen about being featured in the docuseries and how he’s currently helping a new generation of sportswriters navigate in a world where arenas, locker rooms and sports in general are off-limits. Then, the two dive deeper into The Last Dance to expand on what it was like for Adande to cover Jordan during those years, whether Jordan has ever been happy, and why it’s possible he’s very angry about Lebron rebooting Space Jam. Plus, in the latest installment of FANDEMIC, Jensen checks in with comedian and Three Swings podcast host Rhea Butcher about how to deal with missing baseball when it’s your favorite thing in the world. This episode and series supports FeedingAmerica.org. For more of The No-Sports Report, visit treefort.fm/the-no-sports-report

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