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Maybe it’s just the Hawaiian way, but nothing really rattles Jordan Yamamoto. Need proof? How about starting his major league career last season by setting a Miami Marlins franchise record of 14 scoreless innings over two starts. Oh, and a rotation best WHIP of 1.144 and 82 strikeouts in under 79 innings to finish the season. Now, that’s Aloha. The Marlins pitcher talks to Jensen about how he maintains a positive mindset during slumps, his growing relationship with Marlins CEO Derek Jeter and why in the end, Christian Yelich won’t be the only name you remember from that trade. They also talk about Jordan’s skills with a shaver, a Rubik’s Cube and just about anything else you throw his way. Then, Jensen chats with Barstool Sports’ funnyman and battle rap champion, Adam “Rone” Ferrone about making sports content in a pandemic and breaking down the drama over at “Call Me Daddy”. This episode and series supports For more of The No-Sports Report, visit

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