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Cornerback Levi Wallace may be an integral part of a Buffalo Bills team on the field, but off the field - he’s strong enough to take on anything by himself. Levi becomes our first guest to reveal he’s been completely alone since day 1 of quarantine... and is totally fine with it. He’s also the first to have shared his phone number on Instagram - in an attempt to make sure that #BillsMafia and others know that we’re all in this together. Levi also talks about his training following last season’s injury, diving deep into the Star Wars universe, and debates with Jensen over who has the best sandwiches in Tucson. Plus, in the latest installment of FANDEMIC, Jensen gets into Jordan, Pippen, and “The Last Dance” phenomenon with CJ Toledano of Bleacher Report's House of Highlights and the co-host of iHeartRadio's sports podcast, The Greatest. This episode and series supports FeedingAmerica.org. For more of The No-Sports Report, visit treefort.fm/the-no-sports-report

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