Michael Bennett

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Michael Bennett may be soft-spoken, but make no mistake about it, his voice is powerful. As an NFL defensive end for 11 seasons and a Super Bowl Champion, there’s no question Michael’s a force to be reckoned with on the field, but that all seems secondary to who Michael really is - a man leading hard conversations against racial inequality, police brutality, and toxic masculinity in the NFL. Michael joins Jensen to talk about growing up scared of the police, what the murder of George Floyd means as a black man in America, and Michael’s own terrifying experience with police brutality in 2017. Michael shares why he is optimistic that the current demonstrations and protests led by young people will bring about real change and why he and his wife, Pele, talk about social issues and injustice with their daughters and on their podcast, “Mouthpeace with Michael & Pele Bennett”. This episode proudly supports The Bennett Foundation, providing knowledge and resources to empower children and families to make social and behavioral changes. To donate and learn more, visit thebennettfoundation.org. Please also support FeedingAmerica.org. For more of The No-Sports Report, go to treefort.fm/the-no-sports-report

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