Nidal "MamaImDatMan" Nasser / Kassem G

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When your gamer handle is “MamaImDatMan,” you better mean business. As the reigning MVP of the NBA 2K League and its first individual player to sign an endorsement deal, Nidal “MamaImDatMan” Nasser has proven he deserves the moniker. Nidal joins Jensen to talk about the skills and training it takes to be WAY better than you at video games, how the 2K League travels just like their NBA counterparts, and why the community of eSports is growing in popularity. He also helps pick Jensen’s future online handle. Then, in a new installment of FANDEMIC, Jensen chats with YouTube pioneer Kassem G. to breakdown the current controversies and questionable content surrounding creators on YouTube and Twitch that's costing them millions. He also talks about how his own current podcast, Pajama Pants, reunited both the kids from The Sopranos…that has absolutely nothing to do with The Sopranos. All of this and more on a special internet heavy episode of The Sports Bubble. This episode and series supports For more of The Sports Bubble, visit

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