Tony Hawk

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For the past four decades, the sport of skateboarding has been synonymous with the name Tony Hawk. Plain and simple, Hawk = GOAT. Sorry, how many other riders do you know who can fly through the air on a skateboard and do a 900 - at 48 years old? We’ll save you the time - there aren’t any. The skateboarding legend shares with Jensen how he celebrated his birthday in quarantine on Zoom and what it’s like going from an “empty nest” to a full Birdhouse. Then, Tony talks about one of the biggest announcements in video game history - quarantine or not: the upcoming remastered release of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2. Tony also gives the latest update on the feel-good story that went viral - exchanging skateboards with 6-year-old Cooper through a FedEx driver named Mikail. Plus, talks about the delayed debut of skateboarding at the Olympics, The Masked Singer, and why David Spade is a better skater than Tony was a stunt double. This episode proudly supports the Tony Hawk Foundation, which enriches the lives of youth around the World through skateboarding, especially through these challenging times. To donate and learn more, visit Please also support For more of The No-Sports Report, go to

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