17. #TSPSP17 The Riker Brothers on Celebrity Clients, Directing Models, Shooting Quickly & Confidence on Set.

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17. #TSPSP17 The Riker Brothers on Celebrity Clients, Directing Models, Shooting Quickly & Confidence on Set.
The Riker Brothers (www.rikerbrothers.com | @rikerbrothers) Born in Iowa City and growing up in a small town west of Chicago, twin brothers Derek and Drew Riker were introduced to photography by their father who was always taking pictures. After graduating from the University of Illinois with degrees in Economics and both taking jobs in Chicago, they were left feeling unfulfilled in the business world. Their lives would change while on vacation in Miami Beach when they were scouted to be models. Their first assignment was shooting with Bruce Weber for L’Uomo Vogue and after two days on location immersed in that incredibly creative environment it was clear what their new career would be. Living between New York and Miami, over the next several years they became obsessed with fashion photography and imagery. They were lucky enough to learn from some of their idols, including Bruce Weber, Arthur Elgort, Patrick Demarchelier, and their close friend and mentor Herb Ritts. An emphasis on natural light allows them the freedom of movement and to be spontaneous. With one behind the camera to technically compose the other is free to connect directly with the subject giving them an amazing ability to capture authentic moments. The brothers are currently based in Los Angeles.
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