6. #TSPS6 Chris Weston on Telling Stories, Mindfulness in Photography, Publishing Books, Starting at the End & Saying No.

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Chris Weston on Telling Stories, Mindful in Photography, Publishing Books, Starting at the End & Saying No.
"Photographs must achieve 3 things; they must be interesting, unambiguous and relevant."
- Chris Weston
Chris Weston (@chriswestonphoto | chrisweston.photography) Chris Weston grew up in Boston, Lincolnshire. At age 15, Chris' father asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. Without hesitation, he replied, “I want to be a photo-journalist”. At age 32, following a career in the city, that 15-year old's dream finally came true. Chris took the difficult decision to leave his job and embark on a career as a wildlife photographer.
Since then, Chris has not looked back, he has provided images for the BBC, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and Nat Geo. He's written articles for most of the UK photography magazines, and books for ITV and numerous publishers, including Animals on the Edge with Art Wolfe and Double Vision. Chris is now in the place where he can call himself an “award-winning” photographer, and has worked with conservation groups, including UPROAR.
Chris has recently teamed up with Travel Photographer of the Year, where he has launched two online masterclasses, each containing 50 video tutorials and supporting material, covering all aspects of camera technique and the art of composition and visual storytelling.
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