Podcast Short - Jan 2017 Visiting Fellowship

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The Subcontinental is a South Asian Voices (SAV) podcast on strategic issues in South Asia. SAV is an online policy platform featuring emerging South Asian analysts. It aims to foster free-flowing, critical debate on South Asia’s security, economic, and political issues, with a special focus on nuclear matters. This special short podcast on The Subcontinental features discussion on the South Asian Voices Visiting Fellowship. Host Dr. Sameer Lalwani gives an overview of what the Fellowship entails. Then, SAV Editor, Akriti Vasudeva, interviews three of the four January 2017 SAV Visiting Fellows: Farhan Siddiqi, Pushan Das, and Mayuri Mukherjee. The month-long SAV Visiting Fellowship combines writing and research with exposure to the D.C. security community. Fellows meet with senior scholars at universities and think tanks along with leading practitioners working on South Asian security issues in the U.S. government. Research begun by Fellows during their month in D.C. culminates in a presentation in Washington, D.C. and a short co-authored report published by the Stimson Center. Fellows also contribute analysis to SAV during the Fellowship. Twice a year the SAV Editorial Team invites outstanding, regular SAV contributors to apply for a Visiting Fellowship with the Stimson Center’s South Asia Program in Washington, D.C.

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