Right to be forgotten: Can one get a second chance when net remembers everything

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Imagine you are accused in a murder case. And the courts acquit you. But now for the rest of your life, every time someone Googles your name, they see that there is a chance you murdered someone. Or maybe you are a celebrity who drove while drunk and you paid your fine and did your time. But now every time you do a new project, entertainment news sites remind everyone about that time you drove drunk. Or maybe you are a victim of sexual abuse whose nude photos were uploaded online. Can it be scrubbed clean? Here comes the Right To Be Forgotten.

On this episode of the Suno India Show, reporter Suryatapa Mukherjee explores the Right To Be Forgotten, what it means and what are the cases in which it might be justified. She speaks with legal researcher and activist Dr Usha Ramanathan and celebrity Ashutosh Kaushik’s lawyer Ishanee Sharma.

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