Why women, young people are struggling to return to work during the pandemic

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The pandemic has left a large part of the Indian population jobless and struggling. A report published by Azim Premji University, Bangalore titled ‘State of Working India 2021’ revealed that about 100 million people lost jobs during the nationwide April-May 2020 lockdown. The report said that the job crisis has disproportionately affected women.

To know more about the report’s findings and to understand the complexities of unemployment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kunika Balhotra, Research and Communications Officer for Suno India spoke with one of the authors of this report, Amit Basole. Basole is an associate Professor of Economics at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. He is also the Director of Centre for Sustainable Employment and works on “jobless growth” in India.

In this episode, Professor Basole explains how joblessness adversely affected the hunger situation in the country, effectiveness of government support to counter it and suggests a possible way forward.

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State of Working India 2021 Report
The Inequality Virus Report
It is getting from bad to worse for women workers
Hunger Watch Survey

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