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Thông tin tác giả Alisa Meredith & Kelly Kranz: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media for Business, Alisa Meredith, Kelly Kranz: Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media for Business được phát hiện bởi Player FM và cộng đồng của chúng tôi - bản quyền thuộc sở hữu của nhà sản xuất (publisher), không thuộc về Player FM, và audio được phát trực tiếp từ máy chủ của họ. Bạn chỉ cần nhấn nút Theo dõi (Subscribe) để nhận thông tin cập nhật từ Player FM, hoặc dán URL feed vào các ứng dụng podcast khác.
In a world of heinous marketing strategies and social media charlatans – we strive to make sense of the world of online marketing for business owners. Listeners will come away from each and every episode with one marketing tip that can help transform a business. We are Kelly Kranz, Client Services Manager & Senior Consultant at OverGo Studio and Alisa Meredith Co-Owner of Scalable Social Media and Social Media Evangelist at OverGo Studio. We’ll interview smart marketers from all over the web to pick out just the bits that matter to you. Since OverGo and Scalable are both HubSpot agencies, we always insist on results and only doing what works. You’ll find no fluff, but a lot of fun here. We’re passionate about what works and have a particular fondness for visual marketing and the way it works for our customers. We’ll dive in with the questions you would ask – and we invite you to submit your own at Show notes at

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