Achieving Financial Freedom

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On this episode, Lucille and Arthi are joined by guest James Vigne, founder of Villic Wealth, to discuss this crucial topic about how one can get closer to achieving financial freedom.
To help gain clarity about achieving financial freedom, James helps answer:

  • The definition of Financial Freedom
  • How to go about becoming financially free
  • Debt and net worth - their role in relation to financial freedom
  • The difference between financial freedom and financial independence
  • The benefits of financial freedom
  • Insights on side hustles and crypto-trades as a means towards financial freedom
  • Being financially free at retirement
  • How to manage the notion of financial freedom for self, if circumstances don't allow for planning

About Villic Wealth:
Villic Wealth is founded on a principle of financial stewardship and the pursuit of protecting families and building wealth.
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