All Aboard: A Technology Adoption Success Story

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Let’s face it, it’s tough introducing a new technology or a new process, into your organization. And like it or not, as the professional communicator, you’re often “on the hook” for making sure these kinds of changes are embraced. That’s why Nekolina Lau’s Gold Quill award-winning story about how ATB Financial successfully launched a large-scale technology on-boarding initiative is so very inspiring and helpful.

Okay, here’s a question for you: How likely do you think your next technology roll out will achieve a score of 89% when it comes to your stakeholders understanding (and embracing) the key messages? Oh, and keep in mind that the new technology, coupled with new processes, will span nearly 1000 people over 175 locations. Sound impossible?

Well it can be done! That's why we’re thrilled to have Nekolina Lau, Director of Communications at ATB Financial, share with us how she exceeded all of the ambitious adoption-related targets established for rolling out a new technology and related processes.
Topics we touched upon include:

  • Working with the change team
  • What and when to measure adoption
  • Using an agile transformation
  • Concerns of end-users (and acting as tech support)
  • Fitting a new adoption initiative into a wider transformation
  • What happens when new technologies overlap with the existing technologies
  • The three P's (Plan, Partner and Prepare to Pivot)
  • The three R's (Resist, Retreat and Refuse to Drive Results)

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