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AFTERBUZZ TV — Sword Art Online edition, is a weekly "after show" for fans of Sword Art Online. In this episode host Megan Salinas breaks down the episode in which on June 24, 2024, a player blacksmith named Lisbeth, who had her own custom shop in the main town of the 48th Floor, Lindas, had just finished sharpening Asuna's rapier, the «Lambent Light». Lisbeth, with interest, asked Asuna why she was not on the front lines that day. Asuna blushed and replied that she had taken the day off to meet with someone. Lisbeth then noticed Asuna's earrings, and quickly teased Asuna, but Asuna did not understand what she was implying. However Asuna quickly disregarded the comment when she heard a bell, realizing that she needed to hurry. Lisbeth then quietly remarked that Asuna had found someone precious. Asuna asked Lisbeth what she had just said, but Lisbeth told her that it was nothing and wished her good luck with the date. Asuna reacted by saying "It's not like that!", before leaving. Now al

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