Story 21 :: Special Episode :: Tranquil Fury - द्रौपदी की कहानी, उसकी जुबानी (Aapbeeti) Inspiration/Motivation from Mahabharata)(Hindi/English)

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(Here's that Special Episode that I promised - IMHO, the most emotional one so far.)

  • क्यों है, यह जो है?
  • कौन responsible है, हमारी इस हालत का?
  • किस वजह से हुआ यह हमारे साथ?
  • क्यों मुझे अपने ही पति से छिप कर मिलना पड़ रहा है?

सुनिए द्रौपदी के शब्दों को, महसूस कीजिये उसके दर्द को...और फिर सोचिये कि क्या आप आज की द्रौपदी हैं? या फिर आप किसी द्रौपदी के गुस्से का कारण हैं?

  • When she couldn’t take it anymore…
  • She had a secret rendezvous with her husband to plan another secret rendezvous with another man…
  • But her pent-up anger cracked her calm…
  • and then she spoke.

Listen to her words, feel her pain, and then reflect. Are you are the Draupadi of today, or are you are the reason behind a Draupadi’s breakdown!

#anger #insult #women #mahabharat #draupadi #dignity

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This show tells stories from the World Mythology (mostly Hindu, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, and far-eastern mythologies,) and World History (mostly Indian, European, American,) and shares the folklore from around the world. This podcast, which is hosted by writer, speaker, and story-teller Shafali Anand, is mostly in Hindi with a sprinkling of English, (but the "Little Nothings" episodes are in Hinglish,) and it deals with several dimensions of motivation, inspiration, and also touches upon spirituality. It covers topics such as life and death, love and heartbreaks, personal relationships, pursuit of happiness, success and failure etc.

If you want to lose yourself into a world of mythological, historical, and sometimes fictional stories, interpreted to answer the questions you find yourself wrestling with...and you know Hindi, put your headphones on, and step in.

Show Host: Shafali Anand (Artist, Writer, Speaker, Storyteller)

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