802: The Voice Of Confidence With Mary Chan

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Mary Chan is a Podcast Strategist, Voice Coach, and Voice-Over Artist who believes in empowering women to find their voice. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada to immigrant parents, Mary was told to stay quiet, even when she was laughing, and not ruffle any feathers. Today, Mary gives women self-confidence with their voice because she felt that she didn't have one growing up. After working in radio for 20 years, she struck out on her own and founded Organized Sound Productions, a podcast production and consulting company. Mary shares what it means to have the voice of confidence and why it's important to use your voice to show your true self. She also shares tips that can help you in your own journey to self confidence. Check out https://thetaoofselfconfidence.com for show notes of Mary's episode, Mary's website, resources, gifts and so much more.

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