#148: Mobile Games, Unicorn Deathwing, and Sylvanas

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Nick and Katie are finally back to talk more about World of Warcraft. But first they wonder what kind of loot they would drop. Let us know at taurengoblin@mash.gg!
They then talk a bit about Diablo Immortal, and get into Hearthstone’s relationship to the lore. Nick shares a joke from reddit about Tauren leadership. Next, they get into a discussion about the new Dark Ranger appearances and Transmogs. They also talk about the Of Lordaeron title that is now available. This leads to further talk about character customization.
Next, they talk about their initial impressions of Warcraft Arclight Rumble. They discuss how the miniatures depicted in game would be awesome to see outside the game. Nick compares what he’s seen of Arclight Rumble to Hearthstone mercenaries.
Next, they discuss an email from Scott Myers about whether or not the Primus can be evil based on a Necrolord title. This leads to a discussion about players playing evil characters.
Finally, they dive into the first half of the Sylvanas book, which looks at Sylvanas’ elven life from childhood up until the Scourge attack on Silvermoon. Nick talks about how he wished the whole book would have encompassed this time frame. They talk about the finality of the last family gathering, and Katie compares this part of the book to the first half of Titanic. They appreciate the mentions of Nathanos’ cousin who meets a grisly fate in the Dark Mirror short story. Nick goes into the origins of the Windrunner children’s names. Nick is pleased to dismiss his Windrunner human-poolboy theory. They discuss how Sylvanas’ inner monologue doesn’t always match her actions. They fawn over Sylvanas and Nathanos as a couple and compare them to other notable WoW couples. They talk about Sylvanas’ emotions as a Forsaken and if they were representative of the race overall. They consider the impact on Sylvanas of being a diplomat’s daughter. The look at the end of Sylavanas’ youth and try to consider what her age is.
Thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to taurengoblin@mash.gg or @taurengoblin on twitter.
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Nick Zielenkievicz
Katie Grace

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