#149: Calia: Menethil or Mary Sue?

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Nick and Katie are back and this week they are talking about Calia Menethil and the Lordaeron story in Patch 9.2.5. Katie begins with a rant about how Calia is a Mary Sue and doesn’t feel like she’s earned the position of leadership replacing Sylvanas as head of the Forsaken. Nick agrees and points out that Calia is royalty by birth while Sylvanas had the natural qualities of a leader. They also talk about what Forsaken players are looking for in a leader, and how Calia being forced to take the players in a given direction may not work.
Nick runs through a quick overview of the Lordaeron questline, that involves Calia and Apothecary Faranell, among others, working to remove the blight from the city after Sylvanas exploded her bilght bombs at the beginning of Battle for Azeroth. Calia and the player find themselves heading to Maldraxxus as that is where all plague originated, and while there she asks Margrave Sindane a question about what type of necromancy created her, and she gets an answer that she is just like every other Forsaken. Calia and the player then return to Lordaeron and are able to clear the blight. Nick talks about how this seems like Blizzard trying to impart on the player that Calia can be taken seriously as a Forsaken leader.
They also talk about how Calia and Taelia both showing up at the same time felt like a tease that went nowhere. They admit that Calia needs to do more to earn the player’s respect as leader of the Forsaken. They compare her to Lillian Voss and what Voss has done to ingratiate herself to the players.
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