Patrick Cootes - Building a Culture of Fearless Feedback

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Patrick Cootes shares his story and why he felt he needed to make a change for himself and for the industry of learning. He is upfront in his belief that he was in over his head and felt like an impostor among some amazing talented code writers. Over the past 24 months, Patrick and his team have developed this incredible idea that, when we have an unabridged ability to give feedback without fear of any retribution, the team thrives.

One key element that I personally took away was that, when someone receives feedback (good or less than good), and if they feel comfortable in doing so, they then share that feedback with the entire team. Patrick shares the power that this does for the team.

His message resonates with every level of an organization, whether you are part of a startup, an entrepreneur, or senior management. Patrick's message is truly for everyone at every level of the organization.

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