Episode 19 - Tim Herlihy

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Fans of SNL & of Adam Sandler movies will love this episode! The guys sit down with the great Tim Herlihy (former SNL writer & writer of all of Adam Sandler movies)! Tim reminisces with Darrell about their SNL days (including some throwback impressions by Darrell) & what it was like for Tim being a writer (and eventually the head writer) on the show. Plus we get some cool behind the scenes insight into how the Wedding Singer script was saved by a famous Hollywood actress, Tim doles out some advice for up in coming writers, & there's even a great story of how Adam Sandler pranked Tim for 2+ years! Don't forget to add us on social media! @DarrellcHammond, @ChrisMillhouse, & @MrTimHerlihy (twitter only)!

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