See Your Way to a Brighter Future - with Steve Gamlin, Speaker, Comedian and Visualisation Coach

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In this episode, I'm talking with Steve Gamlin of Motivational Firewood. Steve is a Stand-Up Comedian, Radio DJ, Professional Speaker and an expert in Vision Boards and using Visualisation to achieve great results.

This is the perfect conversation to carry us through the Festive Season. Full of great stories, powerful learning points and an all round joy to listen to, my interview with Steve is the perfect way to bring the 2021 season of The Tingle Zone to an end.

We cover many topics, including:

  • how to maintain a positive mindset;
  • looking for the positive in every situation; and
  • what to do when only a handful of people turn up to one of your events.

Naturally, we also get into Vision Boards themselves and why much of what you're told about them doesn't work.

In short, he loves his music, loves to tell a story and loves to bring a smile to your face.

If you want to know more about Steve, then take a look at these various links:

Steve's Website

Steve's Podcast

Linkedin Profile

Facebook Page

So do check those out but for now sit back, relax, look forward to the year ahead and, most of all, enjoy.

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