The Life Blood of Your Business is Marketing - with Johnson Emmanuel, online marketing expert.

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In this episode, I'm talking with Johnson Emmanuel, a marketing expert, author of “Deep Pocket Clients” and the person that marketing gurus go to when they've run out of ideas.

As a youth in Africa at the start of the boom, Johnson was fascinated how he had the ability, with a few finger taps on a keyboard, to connect with people all over the world. That sparked an interest that led to him being a global provider of internet marketing services.

In our conversation we discuss such issues as:

  • how the compound effect always trumps instant results;
  • why your mindset always has to be the thing that changes first; and
  • why you shouldn't hold on to mentors if you want to keep growing.

We even have a discussion on how foreign aid is not the solution to Africa's problems.

If you want to know more about Johnson, take a look at these following links:

Johnson's Linkedin Profile

Johnson's Facebook Profile

Johnson's website

His company's website

Johnson's book - "Deep Pocket Clients"

So do check those out but for now sit back, relax, think about how your mindset may need to change and, most of all, enjoy.

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