Best Beach Boys Album: Bracket Results

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Please Let Me Wonder? No need. The results you've been waiting for are here.

On this episode, we break down how each matchup in our Beach Boy Album bracket shook up, and I gotta say: THINGS! WERE! CLOSE! No real tangents in this episode, but we do talk about why Pet Sounds is the greatest album of all time, our recent experience at Brian Wilson's concert in Long Beach, and one quick mention of MTV's The Challenge. Also, Nia attempts to play God Only Knows on Garageband?!

Wyatt Funderburk was our guest on Monday's pod, and if we've whetted your appetite for The Beach Boys, go check out his podcast Sail On: The Beach Boys Podcast :) And in Sail On tradition, there's another lil bonus if you stick around til the end ;)

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