The Treasured Wellness Show- Christian Midlife, Holistic Health, Weight loss over 40, Fatigue, Brain Fog

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Welcome to Treasured Wellness! Are you a Christian Midlifer who has been searching for answers on how to JUST FEEL BETTER? Are you experiencing bodily fatigue, ongoing pain and trouble sleeping? Maybe you are googling brain fog and weight gain? I want you to know that there is FREEDOM in your whole health and it doesn’t have to be worldly freedom either. In this podcast there is Biblical Freedom for you through Holistic Health solutions, intentional soul work, transforming your physical body and some of the mindset work to help you find this freedom at Midlife. Hi, I’m Michelle McCoy and as a Christian Holistic and Functional Health Coach for over 8 years, I have realized that the ANSWER isn’t in the online search bar. It’s not in fad dieting, medications and trying the latest workouts. The answer is in Partnering your FAITH with Holistic solutions and a heck of a lot of discipline, intentionality and commitment to changing your life at midlife. So, if you’re ready to FEEL BETTER and really commit to lifestyle shifts that you can stick with, it’s time to TREASURE your WELLNESS. Here, you’ll get weekly education on personal health and lifestyle development including: sleep optimization, mindset growth, whole food, toxins, healthy movement, stress perception, addressing traumas, faith and more. This show will bring you support, encouragement and clarity using BIBLICAL principles and HOLISTIC health and NATURAL living education. You will discover how to become an investigator and your own personal health advocate on your journey to enjoying optimal living. And together, we’ll simplify the overwhelm surrounding health so that you can create a lifestyle plan that works for you. And we‘ll be doing it God‘s way. If you’re ready for BREAKTHROUGH, ACTION and RESTORATION then let’s get to it! Let‘s Treasure YOUR Wellness! Michelle Connect with me: Social: Snag my FREE Foggy & Fatigued Resource: Join my FREE FB Group Page: Combatting Your Autoimmunity...God‘s Way Want to dig deeper into reclaiming your health with a FREE Clarity Call? Click here to schedule a call:

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