352 - The Rise in Nonresident Turkey Hunting License Sales

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The Rise in Nonresident Turkey Hunting License Sales

This week, Cameron and Andy have a data nerd on the show to talk about nonresident wild turkey hunting license sales and the effect that YouTubers and social media influencers have on them.

We discuss how some states are paying social media influencers to come to their state to hunt turkeys in order to promote turkey hunting in the state and boost hunting license sales. These payments are being made to influencers at the same time these states are fighting to turnaround population declines by cutting season lengths and bag limits.

Yes, these states are paying others to promote hunting turkeys in the state at the same time they are limiting opportunities because the population of turkeys is declining. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

Our guest data nerd shares actual numbers with us regarding the incredible rise in out of state license sales in states all across the country.

What should states do to combat this increase in sales and wild turkey harvests? Are there ways that states could cut back the number of out of state license sales for wild turkeys without limiting opportunities for resident hunters to harvest turkeys?

We would love to hear your opinions and thoughts, so leave us a comment on our social media pages.

But, first, listen in!

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