Handsome Privilege

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Today we talk about how being handsome has its privileges and we talked about how men needs to stop being creeps. But the real conversation was between Tobi and Kris Their was some real Unpacking going on this episode. 👉🏾Well Being Hotlines Depression Hotline- Call (214) 369-2600 Anxiety Hotline-1-800-273-8255 Suicidal Hotlines- 800-273-8255 Mental Health Hotline- 877-794-3812 PTSD Hotline- 1800-273-8255 Drugs and Alcohol Hotline- 888-815-2561 TruBL Link For Merch- https://trublbrand.com/. Motown Gaming Channel On YouTube 👉🏾 https://youtube.com/channel/UCNgPYipbBnM5Fir_gIJqUhA Twitter- @MrAuthentic838 Instagram- @the_unpacking_podcast_ “Black Men Get Your Prostate Check” “Don’t Be Prostate Shamed” --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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