Case Update: Carolyn Riggins Part 2

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Last fall, we brought you Carolyn Riggins' story. Carolyn had disappeared after a night out at a bingo hall. Yesterday, we shared the first part of our update on Carolyn's case. Today we're taking you through the events that have transpired since Carolyn's car and body were recovered, and her family's ongoing quest for answers almost a year later.

If you have any information about the disappearance and death of Carolyn Riggins, please call the Cooke County Sheriff's Office at 940-665-3471.

Dr. Taft earned a bachelors, masters and doctorate in psychology from Baylor University. He has been a licensed psychologist since 2000. He has served the Corsicana community in private practice since 2002 and was the Director of Clinical Services at the Corsicana Residential Treatment Center from 2000-2005. Dr. Taft provides clinical counseling services, consultation services, and forensic services.

For more information on psychologist, Dr. Taft, please visit his website or Facebook page.

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